The Importance Of Charge Air Cooler Systems In Fishing Boats

Large water vessels, such as commercial fishing boats, are usually powered by diesel engines because they are heavy and require a lot of torque on the propeller. These engines are usually fitted with a special device known as the charge air cooler. This device is installed between the air intake port of the diesel engine and the turbocharger. The main function of the device is to cool air to reduce the density of air entering the engine's combustion chamber. There are many benefits of using dense air than light air, but we shall look into that later on. It is important to note that a charge air cooler has two passageways, one for air and the other for sea water, which serves as the coolant. Cold sea water is pumped through the device in the opposite direction as the air flow. This counter current flow of coolant ensures maximum cooling takes place. 

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Benefits of Using a Charge Air Cooler

As noted above, the main function of a charge air cooler is to reduce air density at the intake port of a diesel engine. This will have the following benefits:

Yields More Power

When air is brought into the combustion chamber, it must first be compressed before fuel is injected into the combustion chamber at high pressure. The air cooler reduces air density, which means that more air will enter the combustion/expansion chamber. This will yield more power when the air is ignited by the atomized fuel injection. In other words, charge air coolers increase the amount of power produced by an engine. 

Reduces Emissions

The marine industry usually produces a lot carbon emissions. This is because water vessels usually have at least one engine. Others have multiple engines, which run on diesel or petrol. When a charge air cooler is installed, however, the amount of emissions is reduced. This is because fuel is burned more efficiently when sufficient air is introduced to the combustion chamber. This means that charge air coolers are great for the environment. 

Protects the Engine

The main function of a charge air cooler is to reduce air temperature at the intake port. This helps to protect the engine from high combustion temperatures. As a result, your engine will not wear out fast. A well-functioning charge air cooler can extend the lifespan of your engine. 

As you can see, charge air coolers have a myriad of benefits. However, they need to be serviced regularly to ensure they do not have any defects. Regular inspection can help to identify cracks in the heat exchanger. During servicing, buildup of sediment must be cleaned to ensure both air and water flow efficiently through the system. 
In this regard, only the most competent technicians should be hired to service air coolers. This should be scheduled after every couple of months or after a certain number of engine hours. Once serviced, you will have a perfectly running engine that has a smaller carbon footprint, produces more power and has lower fuel consumption among other things.