awesome fishing right in front of camp!

Fishin' News & Views - June 2017

August 24-
The Deschutes steelhead fishery was off to a slow start, but it is getting better all the time as the counts over the dams increase and the water temperatures greatly improve. The salmon counts are also getting much better and action off the mouth of the Deschutes is improving too.
September and October should prove to be good fishing!
June 17-
Hi all.
I have been waiting to hear the final rulings on the summer/fall salmon and steelhead fisheries, so it appears to be just what was suspected. In a nutshell, the only effect that it has on our trips is in the fact that we will not be able to keep any hatchery steelhead in the Columbia in the month of September from The Dalles Dam to the John Day Dam.
If you care to read the entire news bulletin, please go here……
This will not affect our steelhead fishery up the Deschutes or the salmon fishery off the mouth of the Deschutes (in the Columbia), so no major worries.
I want to stress again that if you would like to go on a Deschutes River steelhead trip, we need to nail down the dates and secure the boater pass as they are increasingly hard to come by. There will be fish and the only way to catch them is to get a line in the water! J
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